Hug….an easy way to set things right….

Stay positive and keep moving…


Hug means I care about you,I love you,I just want you to be mine,ohh I’m so proud of you,ohh my my just stop crying,everything will be ok,I missed you,ok I’m sorry.Thousand emotions and one hug melts them all into a smile with a tear in the eye.The warmth and oneness you feel when you hug the soul.An old person without family,a cute puppy home alone for a day,after failing in your dreams,after lossing someone dear,after a breakup or reaching the heights of your dreams,a birth of a new member in family,a successful operation,reaching timely on home to see everyone waiting for you.Priceless…..48898-Everybody-Needs-A-Hug

Humans are full of emotions and only through emotions can we teach them.I guess that is the reason our Parents!! make that face or emotionally try to manipulate our minds because we are so attached to them that we can’t afford to see them in that emotional…

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