If Indian politicians joined wordpress what would be their short bio?


Manmohan Singh- I’m मौन  MOHAN SINGH


Rahul Gandhi- Mommy! Modi has more followers than me.


Sonia Gandhi- If Indira Gandhi would have been on WordPress, she would be having More followers than Modi.


Mayawati- I demand 30% quota for Dalits on WordPress, they need more followers.


Mulayam Singh- Right now it’s just me, soon my whole family will join WordPress.


Tumse na ho paega, Akhilesh beta……


Lalu Prasad Yadav- All my chara is eaten by my cows, is there any place where I can do another chara ghotala?


Jayalalitha- I’m not going to wear any jewellery till I get atleast 5.1K followers.


Suresh Kalmadi– Wait for my next scam.


Raj Thakre-Someone translate this site in Marathi or I will beat every Bihari in sight.


Arvind Kejriwal – Modi is stealing my followers by posting his photos of foreign tours.


Modi- Never mind this idiot! (kejriwal)

Here is a new program- “Sukanya WordPress Yojna”

Sukanya Facebook Yojna, Sukanya WhatsApp Yojna, Sukanya Twitter Yojna

Here’s one more that Modi can use –“ MODIfying India ”

One more on Demand- “Hoping for a US visa soon.”


Digvijay Singh- Rahul Gandhi is the best candidate for PM.


Mamta Banerjee- I wear one dress- white Sari

I use one website- WordPress

I have one purpose of life- Criticizing Modi


Sushma Swaraj- I’ve one soul sibling we both use twitter obsessively to help common people. Go give him a follow too…


Suresh Prabhu- You heard Sushma didi, that’s me she’s talking about.


Vijay Maal Liya & Lalit Modi-Catch me if you can.


Published by: 🍁 K SMITH ANIL

Disclosure: Hey there, Take chances...Tell the truth...Learn to say NO...Spend money on the things you love...Laugh till your stomach hurts...Dance even if u are too bad at it...Pose stupidly for photos...Be child-like... Moral: Death is not greatest loss in life...Loss is when life dies inside you while u are alive.... Celebrate this event called "LIFE" Sincerely, K SMITH ANIL

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