What is the dark side of falling in LOVE…

  1. We may forget our friends.
  2. We don’t give priority to our family.
  3. We start spending money like water.
  4. we are physically exist but not mentally.
  5. If we don’t get positive response from our counterpart then we feel lonely, unhappy and ultimately get depressed.
  6. Always checking their last seen on watsapp, massage, call.
  7. Reduce social space
  8. Every time judge to each other
  9. Attachment
  10. Always fear to losing them
  11. Possessiveness
  12. Trust issue
  13. Feelings like waste of time
  14. Fight
  15. Cry
  16. Sad unforgettable memories
  17. And after all it is a very low chance to carry on relationship for a long period like more than year.

Published by: 🍁 K SMITH ANIL

Disclosure: Hey there, Take chances...Tell the truth...Learn to say NO...Spend money on the things you love...Laugh till your stomach hurts...Dance even if u are too bad at it...Pose stupidly for photos...Be child-like... Moral: Death is not greatest loss in life...Loss is when life dies inside you while u are alive.... Celebrate this event called "LIFE" Sincerely, K SMITH ANIL

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